Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Different Types of Enchiladas!

It's been way too long, since I put anything on this blog, so will try and at least put on some recipes!
I love enchiladas and am glad to find some new recipes to try!!!
With all kinds of food items, beef, chicken, pork, cheeses, corn, tomatoes and different types of sauces.
In my moms file box here are some you might like to add to your meals:

As you can see, this is a page torn out of common home-made recipe book. Mostly likely it was from my grandmother's collection, via the places of the recipes. If any one reading this has a copy of a book missing or knows of page 90 and the name of the book, please send a comment. I would really like to know the ingredients on page 90, as that recipe sounds good, too!

Mar 26, 2011 - I tried out the green enchilada and they were good! We had missionaries over for dinner and I make 3 different types of enchiladas, as I had some leftover turkey meat from a few days ago. Usually after a big turkey dinner, I make my turkey enchiladas. So what a good opportunity to try out these! The only difference I did was to add a can of pinto beans. It just seemed to need something besides the sauce and cheese. What a good Mexican feast we had, quite filling!
Here is the sauce, it was green until you add the tomatoes. Maybe I should have added fresh green tomatoes and that would have kept the greeness?

Ready for the oven.

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